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ECOgreen composter

Suited to process branches diameters from 10-30 cm, plant and organic residue, various compost products, sewage sludge. The ECOGREEN COMPOSTER series adopts the “Free Flow Mix” patented technology, enhanced with durable low rpm rotors equipped with special larger diameter and thick tempered blades, adjustable auger scrapers and reinforced bottom. It is a heavy-duty, high performance, flexible machine capable to process a variety of raw materials such as pallets, branches and wet material.

Extensive customisations that distinguish the entire ZAGO range allows ECOGREEN bio-shredder mixers to adapt to any specific process need and create custom solutions for any individual need.

The trailer version is designed to reduce the volume of twigs and plant residue in small/medium sized area (public or private gardens and parks). For this reason, it can be approved for road worthiness . These machines can be customised with a wide range of options including output belts up to 5m long, rear loader, crane with fork for independent product loading, dual axle, weighing system, diesel engine and electric engines.
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